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In Action

Specialist Wire Rigs design and develop state-of-the-art Motion Controlled Poll-Arm Systems, Body Moulds and Parallelograms with a huge variety of resources to back up and cater for, from the smallest to the more complex, and with advanced Motion Systems available.

A Speed Rail - Wonder Woman

speed rail


Kenneth Branagh in The Garrick Theatre, West End.

Shot with 3D Winches and Broadcast LIVE to every Cinema in UK and beyond!

Winch at the Garrick Theatre

Jaguar XF Launch Film

Jaguar XF Launch

The Incredible Mr. Goodwin

Incredible Mr Goodman

A clip of the Stunt

Flying Ballerina


KICK. End Tsunami Sequence


James Bond, Quantum of Solace

Emormous 3-D / 4-Axis Motion Control Camera System over 200 metres square, over the roof tops of Sienna for James Bond, Quantum of Solace sequence.

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2-D Flying Camera with Libra V Stabilisation

3-D Variation Camera / 435 Arriflex custom built camera mounts. "Snorkel-Telescopic" - James Bond

Longest 2-D Travel Rig over 2,500 Feet in the Mountains of Carrara, Italy

2-D Variation Camera / 435 Arriflex custom built camera mounts.

All sizes of Cranes used to suspend Flying Rigs.

Fisher Multi-Winch and Navigator Drive System

Crane work from the film "Troy".

Safety Wires and Underwater Rescue.

Death Slide from the series "Band of Brothers".

Parachute Rig from the series "Band of Brothers".

Further example of Set Rigging.

Extensive Scaffolding and Rigging for various Set Constructions.

Full Running Rigging

Initial stage of "Serving the Rope" and Rigging the Yard Arms, Stays and Ratlings.

Rigging for full size 80 ton Galleon, for the film "Cutthroat Island".

Last Stage for the Ratlings.

A Rolling Gimble.

A Travel Rig for The Mummy.

A Speed Rail for Wonder Woman.

Multiple Winch System for aerial sequence in Mission Impossible - Fallout

World War Z with SWR Director

Custom made Pulleys and bespoke equipment produced by SWR Specialists

Suspended Helicopter Gimble with Custom Software for World War Z

Lift Shaft Rigging for Sequence in Mission Impossible - Fallout

Snow Plough Rigs for vehicle crashes in World War Z

Cable Cam Chase Sequence for James Bond - Quantum of Solace

Parachute / Shuttle rig for world War Z


A major supply company, to all the Entertainment Industry, providing a fully comprehensive range of equipment, Qualified Rigging Labour and Transport. For Construction Rigging, Electrical Rigging, Mobile Towers, Nautical / Ships Rigging, Camera Rostrums, Lighting Rigs, Underwater Rigs etc...
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